Which Grinding Mill Should be Used For Grinding Feldspar?


Brief Introduction of Feldspar

Feldspar is a silicate mineral with a frame-like structure, primarily composed of alkali metals such as potassium and sodium, as well as alkaline earth metals like calcium and barium. Common varieties of feldspar include potassium feldspar, albite, and calcium feldspar. Rare types of feldspar encompass barium feldspar, magnesia feldspar, dialytic feldspar, and Tianheite. Based on its crystal structure and composition, variations of feldspar also comprise plagioclase, microplagioclase, orthoclase, sanidine, perspar among others. Feldspar is the predominant rock-forming mineral in the Earth's crust with a mass ratio exceeding 50%. It predominantly occurs in triclinic or monoclinic crystal systems with a Mohs hardness generally around 6; however lapidite has a Mohs hardness of about 6.5. Additionally,few types of feldspars contain lithium (e.g., sanlidene), magnesium (e.g., magnesia), rubidium and cesium (e.g., Tianheite), or barium.

Feldspar Grinding Mill

The growth of various industries has resulted in an increased utilization of feldspar, leading to a rising demand for feldspar grinding machines. Clirik specializes in ore grinding equipment and has developed a series of specialized machinery for grinding feldspar powder based on its unique characteristics.


YGM Feldspar Raymond Mill

Capacity: 1-50 t/h
Feed Size: 35 mm
Powder Fineness: 80-325 mm
The Feldspar Raymond mill can be considered as 'exemplary'. This does not imply that the feldspar Raymond mill is flawless, but rather because it predates the invention of the feldspar ball mill and the feldspar ultrafine mill. Therefore, in terms of manufacturing process, the technology employed by the feldspar Raymond mill is more advanced. Consequently, utilizing the feldspar Raymond mill for processing feldspar powder is a superior choice compared to using conventional methods for grinding feldspar powder. The fineness of the finished powder produced by Feldspar Ramon can reach 325 mesh.

Mill Advantages
  1. The structure has been well-designed, with a compact footprint and a robust system.
  1. In comparison to other mills, Raymond mill boasts an impressive pass rate of 99%.
  1. The particle size can be finely adjusted in the range of 80-325 mesh.
  1. For seamless and reliable operation, the main transmission device of Raymond mill utilizes a closed gear box and pulley.
  1. To ensure the durability of the entire equipment, crucial components are fabricated from high-quality castings and profiles.
  1. By adopting centralized control, the electrical system enables unmanned operation while facilitating easy maintenance.


Feldspar Ball Mill

Capacity: 20-200 t/h
Feed Size: 25 mm
Poder Fineness: 40-200 mesh
Clirik feldspar ball mill is deemed efficient due to its ability to achieve an output of 200 tons per hour, making it a favorable choice for many feldspar powder manufacturers. Although the powder fineness may not be high, it is suitable for processing 40-200 objects of feldspar powder. Compared to other mining equipment and feldspar mills, our ball mill has a significantly larger capacity.

Ball Mill Advantages
  1. By utilizing large diameter double row aligning roller bearings, friction and energy consumption can be reduced by 20-30%.
  1. The end cover structure with a larger inlet and outlet diameter can increase processing capacity by 15-20%.
  1. ts simple structure allows for easy installation of separate parts.
  1. The absence of inertia impact results in smooth equipment operation, reducing mill downtime and increasing efficiency by 15-25%.

HGM Feldspar Grinding Mill

Capacity: 0.2-45 t/h
Feed Size: ≤20 mm
Powder Fineness: 325-3000 mesh
The feldspar ultrafine grinding mill boasts a high level of fineness, making it the ideal equipment for grinding ultrafine powder. Widely used in mining, our feldspar ultrafine grinding mill can produce finished powder with a minimum fineness of up to 3000 mesh. As one of the latest technologies in the field of feldspar milling, more and more people prefer using the energy-efficient and highly efficient feldspar ultrafine grinding mill to process their powder.

Mill Advantages
  1. The output is 40% higher than that of other mills.
  1. The key transmission parts are cast with wear-resistant materials, and the utilization rate is higher than that of other mills: 2-5 years.
  1. Particle size can be adjusted at any time according to needs: 325-3000 mesh.
  1. High security and reliability. The mill design is rigorous, so there is no damage caused by loose screws to the machine.
  1. t's a closed system, which makes it an environmentally friendly green ideal equipment.

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