Silicon Dioxide Pharmaceutical Powder Technology and Grinding mill


About Silicon Dioxide:

As we all know, silicon dioxide is an important chemical raw material, which is used in a wide range of applications, such as snacks at home (anticaking agent), houses (tiles, latex paint), cars (rubber tires), and even the toothpaste you use every day has its presence in it (white carbon black, a kind of silicon dioxide). Silica has been widely used in rubber, plastics, coatings, building materials, aerospace, electronics, papermaking, ceramics, medicine and other fields.


In medicine, silicon dioxide (also known as aerosil) is used as an excipient in pharmaceutical processes,Pharmaceutical preparation is a final product composed of main drug, auxiliary material and technology, and auxiliary material is an essential component. It can be said that pharmaceutical excipients are the basic materials and important components of pharmaceutical preparations, and play a key role in the formulation and production. and common application are:
  1. Absorbent
Since most of the extracts of proprietary Chinese medicine have the characteristics of moisture absorption, and the micro-powder silica gel is insoluble in water and has the characteristics of water absorption and flow promotion, it can solve this problem well, and is suitable for capsules and other drugs.
  1. Glidant
Silica is a kind of high-quality auxiliary material used in pharmaceutical preparations, with high purity and good fluidity, and is an excellent flow accelerator in the process of tablet production, which can greatly improve the particle fluidity, increase the bulk density, increase the hardness of the prepared tablet, shorten the disintegration time, and thus increase the dissolution speed of the drug.
  1. Anti-adhesive agent
The anti-adhesion effect of silica can effectively prevent the material from sticking to the surface of the punch when pressing the tablet, which is easy to produce the tablet, prevent the fragment, and ensure the smooth pressing of the tablet. In addition, when the medicinal silica is applied to the gel paste, the gel paste can have the advantages of large drug load, good transdermal effect, good skin compatibility and no irritation.
  1. Grinding aid
As a grinding aid, medicinal silica can promote the grinding and refining of the raw material, and provide a high porosity structure of the cogulation for the rapid penetration of water.
  1. Sustained-release agent
When the dosage of silica as pharmaceutical excipient , the drug has the advantages of slow drug release and longer blood drug concentration in the body than traditional tablets, capsules and other dosage forms.


Silica dioxide production precautions

Ultrafine grinding is one of the core processes of silica production, which directly affects its purity, particle size distribution and production cost. In the production process of silicon powder, the key points of product quality control are as follows:
  1. Mill control : reasonable selection of grinding medium materials, control medium ratio and filling rate, effective control of impurity content, improve equipment service life; According to the diameter ratio of the grinding length, the structure and distribution of the lining plate, and the particle size of the grinding, the speed of the mill is reasonably adjusted to promote the material in the grinding chamber to maintain a good motion state, so as to improve the grinding effect.
  1. Particle shaping : By optimizing the operating speed of the equipment, the pressure and temperature in the body, the residence time of the material and other process conditions, the regularity of the surface of the silicon powder can be improved and the fluidity of the product can be improved.

Grinding mill type selection

According to the above precautions, we recommend that you choose the following mill:


Micro powder grinding mill

Capacity: 0.5-45t/h
Max feeding size: 20 mm
Processing ability: 0.5-45t/h
Finished size: 200-2500 meshes


Working Principle

When the mill works, all the mill rolls roll in the ring and the material is driven by centrifugal force to the edge of the turntable and falls into the grinding chamber, where the material is repeatedly pressed, crushed and ground by the roller. The high pressure blower continuously draws the air inside the mill, then the air flow with the broken material is taken to the classifier, and the classifier's high speed impeller will filter the air flow: the unqualified particle size will be lowered and returned to the mill for re-grinding, while the qualified particle size will be mixed with the air into the cyclone deduster. Most of the qualified powder will fall from the bottom drain valve and collect; A small amount of fine powder moves to the dust collector with the air flow and adheres to the surface of the filter bag. At the same time, the fine powder attached to the surface falls due to the sudden vibration of the filter bag, which is caused by the instantaneous injection of high pressure gas controlled by the pulse valve. The materials of the above two batches are sent by conveyors at the bottom to pack the finished powder. In addition, the filtered clean air will eventually be discharged through the outlet.

Grinding mill advantage

1.The output is 40% higher than other mills.

2.Parts use wear-resistant materials, so the utilization rate increases by 2 to 5 years.

3.Closed system, in line with environmental requirements. 

If you want a finer powder, you can choose Ultrafine vertucal mill


Ultrafine Vertical Roller Mill

Capacity: 0.2-45 t/h
Max feeding size: 30mm
Processing ability: 0.2-45 t/h
Finished sive: 325~3000 mesh

Working Principle

The mill is driven by a motor through a reducer. The material is dropped from the inlet onto the grinding tray. The material is driven to the edge of the disc under the action of centrifugal force and is crushed into fine powder by the grinding roller. Hot air from the nozzle then carries the fine powder to the classifier. The qualified powder is taken through the air to the powder collector for collection, while the unqualified powder is sent back for re-grinding.

Grinding mill advantage

1.High grinding efficiency: compared with the ball mill to save 20~30% of the power consumption.

2.Multi-functional: crushing, drying, grinding, separation and conveying. 

3.low noise, less dust: the roller and the mill do not contact directly, avoid metal impact, noise is low 20~25 dB.