Comprehensive utilization of feldspar mineral

Feldspar is one of the most common minerals in the continental crust. Feldspar is the general term for feldspar minerals. It is a common aluminosilicate rock-forming mineral containing calcium, sodium and potassium. The proportion of feldspar in the earth's crust is as high as 60%, and it can occur in igneous rocks, metamorphic rocks and sedimentary rocks. Feldspar is the main mineral component of almost all igneous rocks and is of great significance for the classification of rocks.

The main deposits of feldspar are pegmatite, weathered granite, and fine-grained rock (semi-weathered granite), in addition to feldspar pottery, potassium rhyolite, albite and nepheline associated with serpentinite. Changyan and Baigangyan etc. Depending on the type of feldspar deposit and the nature of the ore, different beneficiation methods need to be used. Generally, it is crushed and ground by industrial mill after hand-selection in the quarry, and then the iron minerals are removed by magnetic separation. In recent years, with the reduction of rich feldspar mines and the development of other mine comprehensive recycling feldspar technologies, more complicated sorting operations such as gravity separation, electric separation, and flotation have been introduced to achieve the removal of associated minerals such as quartz and mica , The purpose of obtaining feldspar concentrate rich in potassium and sodium and recycling high-quality products.

According to the ore properties of feldspar mines, the ore dressing principles generally adopted are as follows:
(1) High-quality feldspar produced in pegmatite: hand selection → crushing → grinding (or water grinding) → classification.
(2) Feldspar in weathered granite: crushing → grinding → classification → flotation (except iron and mica) → flotation (separation of quartz and feldspar).
(3) Feldspar in fine crystal rock (generally containing mica, sometimes iron): crushing → grinding → screening → magnetic separation.
(4) Feldspar sand: water-eluting mud → sieving (or flotation separation of quartz, etc.).

The above process is indispensable for the grinding process with industrial mills. The selection and purchase of mill equipment is also the most concerned part of investors. The selection and purchase of a high-quality mill equipment is particularly critical. Mill manufacturer Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. provides investors in the feldspar industry with a series of excellent quality feldspar mills to solve the trouble of mill selection.
feldspar grinding machine and production process
Feldspar grinding machine and production process

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