An article takes you to understand the use of potash feldspar powder and potash feldspar Raymond mil

Potassium feldspar powder has a wide range of uses. Recently, many customers have also been inquired. Want to understand the use of potassium feldspar powder, how to grind potassium feldspar into powder, and what grinding equipment is used to process high cost performance? What is the investment budget and so on. So what are the uses and characteristics of potassium feldspar powder? Take a look.

1. Potash feldspar and use of potash feldspar powder

Potassium feldspar powder, as the name suggests, is the powder of potash feldspar. Potassium feldspar is also commonly known as orthoclase, which belongs to the monoclinic system and is usually flesh red, white or gray. Density 2.54-2.57g / cm, specific gravity 2.56 ~ 2.59g / cm3, hardness 6. It has the characteristics of low melting point (1150 ± 20 ℃), long melting interval and high melting viscosity. It is widely used in industrial sectors such as ceramic blanks, ceramic glazes, glass, electric porcelain, abrasive materials and potassium fertilizer. In addition to orthoclase, there are two homogeneous polymorphic variants: transfeldspar and potassium microclinal feldspar. The former also belongs to the monoclinic system, also known as orthoclase; the latter belongs to the triclinic system.

Market research shows that the use of potash feldspar powder is not only used as raw material for the glass industry (approximately 50-60% of the total amount), but also accounts for 30% in the ceramic industry. Glaze, enamel raw materials, abrasives, glass fiber, welding electrodes and other industries. Potash feldspar powder is mainly used in glass, ceramics, and can also be used to make potash fertilizer. Potassium feldspar with good quality is used in the manufacture of TV display glass bulbs.

2. What equipment can be used to grind potash feldspar mine?

Potassium feldspar has high potassium content and is an important raw material for making glass, ceramics, abrasive tools, welding electrodes, etc. It is widely used in chemical, metallurgy, agriculture, building materials, plastics and other industries. In order to help create value for potash feldspar ore powder, Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd provides customers with environmentally friendly potash feldspar mill production line equipment to assist production, including Raymond mill, vertical mill, ultra-fine mill and other equipment .

3. Production line configuration of potash feldspar mill

For grinding potash feldspar mines, Clirik has ideal mill equipment, and has also accumulated rich experience in milling and solution making. Today we mainly talk about the Raymond mill used in the grinding and processing of potash feldspar mines. This mill is an environmentally friendly mill equipment. It is a replacement of the traditional R-type mill. It has a production increase of more than 40% and a unit power consumption cost of more than 30%. . The entire production line configuration can include components such as a host, a feeder, a classifier, a blower, a piping device, a storage hopper, an electronic control system, and a collection system.
A. Main machine: it is composed of base, center shaft frame, grinding ring, plum blossom frame assembly, grinding roller assembly, center shaft, blade holder, blade holder assembly, cover tube, etc.

B. Power device: It adopts two modes of reduction gear transmission and double transmission device.

C. Classifier: The compulsory turbine classifier is adopted.

D. Conveying and feeding system: matching according to different materials.

E. Collection system; closed circuit collection system using double cyclone plus pulse dust collector and open circuit system for full pulse collection.

In addition to the above equipment, it is also equipped with feeders, belt conveyors, fans, etc., fully cooperate with the entire production line to create benefits and create profits.

4. Brief introduction of Raymond mill equipment-vertical mill

Nominal diameter of grinding ring: 1000-1700mm

Production capacity: 1-25t / h

Finished particles: 22-180μm

Product Features: This mill is a new type of milling equipment after technological innovation based on the pendulum mill, which greatly improves the user's equipment efficiency and reduces the energy consumption per unit of production in terms of production capacity and unit energy consumption. It is very popular in the field of non-metallic mineral processing.

Focus Area: Focus on coal gangue, wollastonite, lime, zircon sand, bentonite, manganese ore, gypsum, calcite, barite, fluorite, marble and other Mohs hardness is below 7 and humidity is within 6% Grinding and processing of non-metallic minerals, the product has a number of patented technologies, and the performance is more advanced.

5. How much is the production line of potash feldspar milling machine?

Grinding mill manufacturer CLIRIK tailor-made the configuration and selection plan for customers, referring to the information of milling fineness, production capacity, installation area and other information provided by customers, and scientifically customize each production line to match the reasonable mill configuration to provide customers with scientific grinding. Powder machine price.

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