How long does it take for the K-feldspar ball mill to grind to 200 mesh?


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The time it takes for the K-feldspar ball mill to grind to 200 mesh fineness is related to many factors. First look at the model of the K-feldspar ball mill used, and secondly, the amount of production. In fact, in addition to the above two points, there are many factors affecting this time, such as the performance of the equipment, the equipment with high performance will definitely take less time, if the equipment has low performance and the failure rate is high during use, then It takes a long time.
K-feldspar ball mill
As an important ore raw material, K-feldspar is widely used in agriculture, chemistry, ceramics, glass and other fields. The appearance of K-feldspar ball mill has greatly improved the quality of K-feldspar. For the time of grinding the material of K-feldspar ball mill, let us analyze it in detail.

1. Model of K-feldspar ball mill

Under the same conditions, the model size of the equipment also determines the length of the grinding time. Different equipment models have different working capacities. There are more than 30 types of K-feldspar ball mills produced by our company. The feeding size is ≤20-≤25mm, which can meet the production requirements of different users. Users can choose the appropriate equipment model according to their actual production conditions.

2. The working performance of the equipment

Similarly, with other conditions remaining the same, the device's performance is high, then the grinding time will be less, and the user will get more production gains. The K-feldspar ball mill produced by our company can adapt to different working environments and meet different production requirements. It is especially suitable for the large-scale production of modern industry, and has low energy consumption and long service life. It is an ideal choice for your investment in K-feldspar production. .
The K-feldspar yields set by the user are different, so the time it takes to grind the same finished product size will be different. The production capacity of our K-feldspar ball mill is between 0.65-615t/h, which can meet your production requirements to a large extent. Our equipment will definitely create a more lucrative value for you!