80-325 mesh feldspar grinding mill: Raymond mill
In the construction and decoration industry, feldspar powder is often used. The feldspar powder mill is an indispensable equipment for processing stone powder. Among our customers, Raymond Mill is a widely used stone powder processing equipment. Here is a brief introduction:
80-325 mesh feldspar grinding mill: Raymond mill
The stone powder used in the construction and decoration field is generally not very hard, and can be processed by a general stone powder mill. Most of our users use the Changshi Raymond Mill, which has strong processing ability, uniform fineness of powder, and can be adjusted freely.
The fineness of the stone powder processed by Raymond grinding mill is between 80-325 mesh, and the user can freely adjust the fineness of the powder according to his own needs, which is convenient. In addition, users do not need to worry about the production problem. At present, the production capacity of large equipment can reach 20-25 tons.
Our feldspar powder mill has many models. In addition to Raymond mill, there are high-pressure mills, superfine mills, etc. Users can come to the factory to visit the equipment and can bring materials to test the machine. Hotline: + 8613917147829
Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd has professional engineers who can customize the production line according to the needs of customers. It is necessary to consult the drawings of the grinding production line, the special mill for limestone, the high-pressure Raymond mill and the ultra-fine grinding equipment. Customers can call +8613917147829 or directly ask for a message online.