50-3000 Mesh Feldspar Grinding Plant


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As we all know the feldspar grinding plant can be used in coarse and superfine feldspar powder grinding. There are many feldspar powder making machines can be used in feldspar powder grinding, such as: feldspar hammer mill, high pressure grinding mill, jet mill, ball mill and so on. Generally speaking, we usually called the feldspar powder which more than 200 mesh as superfine feldspar powder, so what kinds of feldspar powder making machine can be used in 50-3000 mesh feldspar powder grinding?

Feldspar Raymond Mill

feldspar Raymond mill

Feldspar Raymond mill is suitable for 50 mesh to 400 mesh feldspar powder grinding, Raymond mill is one of traditional feldspar powder making machines, it can be used in including feldspar and other more than 200 kinds of stone materials powder grinding, such as: calcium carbonate, dolomite, talc, gypsum, calcite, carbon black and so on. And the general capacity can up to 20 tons per hour.

Feldspar Grinding Mill

feldspar grinding mill

Feldspar grinding mill is the abbreviation of feldspar powder superfine grinding mill, can be used in 300 mesh to 2500 mesh superfine feldspar powder grinding. The feldspar grinding mill is suitable for Moh’s hardness less than 6, about 150 kinds of stone powder making. Compare with other grinding mills, the feldspar grinding mill is especially good at superfine stone powder grinding.

Feldspar Vertical Roller Mill

feldspar vertical roller mill

Feldspar vertical roller mill can be used in 1250 to 3000 mesh feldspar powder grinding, however, in the wet method to process the stone powder by vertical roller mill, the minimum powder fineness can up to 10000 mesh, and feldspar vertical roller mill is one of the new technology stone powder grinding plants on the market. Because of the high efficiency, energy saving and environment protect, the vertical roller mill was very popularity by most of users.