What equipment is needed to process feldspar powder?


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Feldspar is an alkali metal or alkaline earth metal aluminosilicate mineral such as potassium, sodium, calcium or strontium. The crystal structure is a framework structure. Its main components are SiO2 , Al2 O3 , K2O, Na2O, CaO and the like. The feldspar minerals are widely distributed in the earth's crust, accounting for about 50% of the total weight of the crust. They are ubiquitous rock-forming minerals, 60% of which are found in magma, 30% in metamorphic rocks, and 10% in sedimentary rocks, mainly clastic rocks, but feldspar can only become industrial when it is quite enriched. mineral. There are four main components of feldspar: potassium feldspar, albite, anorthite, celsian, an oxide containing silicon, and also contains aluminum!

So what equipment is needed to process feldspar powder?There are three mainly kinds of feldspar processing machine.

feldspar powder processing plant

1. Feldspar Crusher

In the initial processing of these feldspars, in order to smoothly carry out the milling process of the lower procedure, the feldspar crusher is usually used for simple crushing. If the section is broken, the jaw crusher is used as it is. In the case of fine crushing, the cone is broken or the counter is broken. These are the crushing equipment in the feldspar powder production equipment.

2. Feldspar Grinding Mill

The key feldspar powder processing equipment is the feldspar powder grinding machine. For the selection of the equipment, if the processing fineness is not too large, it is recommended to select the high-pressure micro-grinding mill. The grinding powder size of the equipment is 80- Between 425 mesh, it can meet the basic needs of users, but some need ultra-fine stone powder to complete. At this time, it is recommended to adjust the ultra-fine grinding equipment between 425 mesh and 3250 mesh.

3. Feldspar Dryer

The feldspar powder dryer controls the moisture of feldspar powder, which is convenient for storage and sale. It is commonly used as drying equipment in feldspar powder production equipment. It has high thermal efficiency and obvious drying effect. The feldspar powder equipment needs to be modified.

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