How is the grinding pressure of the feldspar ultrafine grinding mill controlled?


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As China's mill market is full of mechanical products with low cost, backward technology and easy to manufacture. At present, domestic research and development investment is relatively small. According to the regulations, technical investment should account for at least 3% of sales revenue, but most enterprises cannot. As a result, there is a lack of innovation in current product development, backward production methods, and the fact that most of the old equipment is still used. If such a market environment cannot be improved for a long time, then the severe situation will become more and more serious.
feldspar grinding mill
During the operation of the feldspar ultra-fine grinding mill, the grinding pressure is the main factor affecting the quality of production.
The grinding pressure is adjusted according to the amount of feldspar grinding machine feed, material size and easy grinding. In order to maintain a certain thickness of the layer on the grinding disc, reduce the vibration of the mill and ensure stable operation, the pressure of the grinding roller must be controlled. When the grinding pressure is increased, the grinding capacity of the mill is increased, but after reaching a certain critical point, it does not change. If the hydraulic cylinder setting pressure is too high, it will only increase the driving force and accelerate the wear of the components, and will not improve the grinding ability. This feature is similar to the working principle of a roller press. However, some manufacturers reduce the high value of the grinding pressure when setting the high grinding pressure, taking into account the reasons for the protection equipment. When the grinding pressure is low, the thickness of the layer increases, the current of the main motor increases, the pressure difference within the mill increases, and the vibration of the mill increases. When the grinding pressure is high, the thickness of the layer decreases and the current of the main motor increases. The vibration speed of the mill increases and the component damage is accelerated. So maintaining a proper grinding pressure is a critical operation.
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