Advantages, disadvantages and types of bucket elevators


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The bucket elevator is a continuous conveying machine that uses a series of hoppers uniformly fixed on the endless traction member to vertically lift the material. The bucket elevator uses a series of hoppers fixed on the traction chain or tape to be vertical or close. The vertical transport in the vertical direction is mainly used for lifting powder and small particles and small block materials, which has large lifting capacity and high operating efficiency. Here are some tips for the advantages and disadvantages of the bucket elevator.


Advantages of bucket elevator:
1. A wide range of promotion. There are few requirements on the type, characteristics and blockiness of materials. It not only improves the general powdery, granular and bulk materials, but also improves the materials with high abrasiveness. Material temperature ≤ 250 degrees.

2. Large conveying capacity. It has various specifications from NE15 to NE800. The lifting amount ranges from 15 to 800 m 3 /h.

3. The driving power is small. Inflow feeding, gravity-induced unloading, and large-capacity hopper conveying in a dense arrangement, the chain speed is low and the lifting amount is large. When the material is lifted, there is almost no returning and excavation, so the reactive power is less, and the power consumed is 70% of the chain hoist.

4, long service life. The feeding of the hoist adopts the inflow type, no need to use the bucket to excavate the material, and there is little extrusion and collision between the materials. The design of the machine ensures that the material will not be scraped during feeding, lifting and unloading, reducing the machinery. Wear and wear, the conveyor chain uses a chain-chain high-strength wear-resistant chain, which greatly extends the service life. The conveyor chain has a service life of more than 5 years under normal use.

5. The lifting height is high. Low chain speed, smooth operation, and the use of plate-chain high-strength wear-resistant alloy steel chain, so it can reach a higher lifting height (height 40M).

Disadvantages of bucket elevator: The overload is sensitive, the material must be supplied evenly, and the bucket and chain are easily damaged.


Type of bucket elevator

 1. According to the layout: it can be divided into vertical and inclined

 2. According to different discharge methods: can be divided into centrifugal, gravity and hybrid.

 3. According to different charging methods: it can be divided into digging type and injection type.

 4. According to the structure of the hopper: it can be divided into shallow bucket, deep bucket and triangle bucket.

 5. According to different traction components: can be divided into tape and steel chain.