What is the price and process of potassium feldspar superfine mill?

In recent years, people pay more attention to potash feldspar, and start to develop methods and methods for the recycling of potash feldspar. One of the new methods is to turn potash feldspar into biofertilizer for nutrient land. After the potash feldspar is crushed and pulverized by the mill equipment, the potash feldspar powder is transformed by the biological bacteria, and the new fertilizer is processed by crushing other miscellaneous materials such as straw. Potash feldspar superfine mill is an important link in this process, so for high-quality potash feldspar, where should I buy such equipment?
Potassium feldspar mills have requirements for the humidity of feldspar. Generally speaking, the high moisture content of the material will cause adhesion to the inside of the potassium feldspar mill, and it will also be blocked during the feeding and conveying process. It reduces the capacity of the potassium feldspar mill;; the better the wear resistance and performance of the potassium feldspar mill is, the greater the capacity of the potassium feldspar mill will be , Can be a good milling product; the hardness of the potassium feldspar mill. Generally speaking, the harder the material is, the more difficult it is to pulverize potassium feldspar. As the hardness of the material increases, the difficulty of grinding will increase, and the easier it is to wear the potassium feldspar mill; the composition of the product.

potassium feldspar mill
Potassium Feldspar Mill

The greater the viscosity of the product, the greater its adhesion, which will affect the efficiency of the potash feldspar mill. The production efficiency of potash feldspar mill is not static. You need to pay attention to the details of its work and good maintenance in actual production and daily operation. The above are just a few points to increase the output of potash feldspar mill. In the actual production, there are still small details that need attention. Proficiency in the operation and precautions of the potassium feldspar mill can greatly improve production efficiency.

potash feldspar mill
Potash Feldspar Mill

Because the application value of fine powder is getting higher and higher, in order to meet this production demand, ultra-fine mills should be born to meet the fine powder production and fine powder production equipment made by precision. Now the ultra-fine mill can be fully realized, and the fineness can be adjusted arbitrarily between 325-3000 mesh, and the internal structure is simple and reasonable, the grinding efficiency is high, the energy consumption is low, the complete set is also strong, energy saving and environmental protection, it is a kind of Ideal fine powder processing equipment. Ultrafine mill is one of the common equipment in the mining industry, and it is also a kind of milling equipment used by customers.

potash feldspar grinding processing equipment
Potash Feldspar Grinding Processing Equipment

Complete potash feldspar grinding processing equipment, including: jaw crusher, mill host, bucket elevator, electromagnetic feeder, analyzer, fan, etc. Among them, grinding equipment and jaw crusher are the main equipment, and the others are auxiliary. A complete production line is not composed of a single device, but multiple devices work together to form a complete processing production line. What is the price for such a production line? You are welcome to call +86-13917147829 for detailed consultation.