What is the fineness of the high pressure mill in processing ore?


At present, the application requirements for ore materials in various industries in China are getting higher and higher, and more and more strict. There are more and more manufacturers of ore processing equipment on the market, and the market competition is fierce. Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. seized Opportunities, expansion of the strategic cycle equipment industry, good policies, plans, normative drilling development obligations, efforts to resolve conflicts and problems, the industry began to limit the deep knot has strengthened the "two sections" combination, slowing down the way to change economic expansion, a comprehensive The competition is at a disadvantage, and the expansion of independence leads to a situation of good quality, harmonious expansion of speed and efficiency.

With the development of China's economic construction, the needs of society are more urgent, especially in the demand for mineral processing equipment, which is in short supply, because their requirements also contribute to the high-intensity equipment development of Chinese machinery enterprises, and the high-pressure mill becomes a market. Very good equipment is used in all industries.

1. High efficiency and low power consumption

With the same fineness motor power of high-end products, its output airflow mill, agitating mill, and ball mill are more than twice.

2, fast wear parts working life longer

grinding rolls and rings made of special materials. In general, they work for more than a year, and when they process calcium carbonate, it can last up to two years.

3. Safety and reliability

Because there are no rolling bearings and bolts in the grinding chamber, the bearings and seals are easily damaged. In case of damage to the machine, the loosening of the bolts can be avoided.

4, clean and environmental protection

Using pulse dust collectors and mufflers to reduce industrial dust pollution and noise, to meet national standards.

The mill can be divided into two types: dry and wet. According to different mining methods, it can be divided into two types of grating type and overflow type. Ball mill use and scope of use The ball mill is the key equipment for crushing the material after it has been crushed. The material is evenly and spirally entered into the mill bin by the feeding device through the hollow shaft of the feeding material. The bin has a step liner or a corrugated liner, which is filled with steel balls of different specifications, and the cylinder rotates to generate centrifugal force to bring the steel ball to a fixed height and then fall. , a magnetic separator for heavy hammering and grinding of materials. Grinding is the continuation of the crushing process. For example, in the beneficiation operation, the main task is to grind the ore to the complete separation of the useful components or to substantially separate the monomers. There are many types of mills.

The equipment that can be used for sand making in sand and gravel production lines includes: jaw crusher (Jaw crusher), mill, conveyor, and pulverizer. Each device has its own characteristics. Different material discharge sizes are combined with vibrating screens, conveyors, feeders and other equipment to form a complete sandstone production line.

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