According to what to choose feldspar mill?


The feldspar mill refers to a machine that can complete the needs of feldspar grinding. This kind of machine has many types and complex functions, so it needs to be selected. Because although the materials to be processed have been determined, the requirements in production are not exactly the same, such as different production capacities, such as different requirements for finished products, which require different mills to complete, so what is the basis? How about choosing a feldspar mill?
First of all, according to the needs of different industries, choose the appropriate feldspar mill. Output is also an important indicator for choosing a mill. For different production capacities, the choice of mills is also very different. Too big or too small will cause waste. Clirik Machinery has various types of equipment. We will base on the capacity of customers. It needs to be equipped with suitable models.

At the same time, the size of feldspar raw materials, the final fineness of feldspar powder, the quality requirements of feldspar powder (passing sieving rate), and whether there are environmental protection requirements. These are also factors that must be considered when choosing a mill. For example, the size of feldspar raw materials will affect the configuration of the entire machine. Therefore, there are strict requirements on the feed size. Direct grinding of too large rough stones will cause excessive wear of the grinding roller, and may even jam the machine, causing huge trouble. At this time, a crusher is needed as an auxiliary equipment. The feldspar is first crushed into a size that meets the feeding requirements of the mill, and then ground, which greatly reduces the wear of internal parts and further improves the efficiency of the equipment.

In addition, in addition to production capacity and other aspects, it also includes site size, operation, energy consumption, etc. These are all important aspects of production and need to be paid attention to by customers.
feldspar Raymond mill

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