The start-stop problem of ball mill in feldspar grinding production line

Feldspar ball mill is a kind of ore grinding processing equipment that is often used in the ore grinding production line. Everyone knows that the correct operation of the feldspar ball mill has a great influence on the machine. The following Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. will explain to you what principles should be followed when starting and stopping the feldspar ball mill?

Feldspar ball mill

1. Before starting the feldspar ball mill equipment, a comprehensive and detailed inspection of the ore mill and its affiliated equipment should be carried out to eliminate all malfunctions that may affect the start-up.

2. When driving, start the equipment one by one from back to front according to the material flow direction, that is, oil pump, classifier, ball mill, belt conveyor, and feeder. It is strictly forbidden to start multiple equipment at the same time; when planning to stop, stop from front to back (that is, stop the mining machine, belt conveyor, ball mill, classifier, and oil pump.

3. There must be a certain interval between starting each equipment, and all equipment can be fed after normal and stable operation (such as the oil pump working normally and then start the feldspar ball mill, wait for the feldspar ball mill to run for 2 to 3 minutes before starting to feed).

4. The feldspar ball mill is parked for more than 4 hours, and it is usually turned for 2 to 3 revolutions before driving to loosen the cemented sludge and medium.

5. Normal shutdown (planned shutdown) should be carried out under no load, and the materials in the equipment should be drained as far as possible (for example, the feldspar ball mill should be stopped 15-20min after stopping feeding the mine) to create conditions for the next drive.

6. It is important to remind everyone that the operation time of the mill should not be too long without feeding, usually less than 20min, so as to avoid consuming steel balls and damaging the liner.