Vertical Roller Mill Can Improve the Feldspar Grinding Mill Efficient


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Vertical roller mill is developed according to the demand, the production of non-metallic mineral scale and become a mainstream equipment, used in the field of feldspar, limestone, feldspar and other non-metallic minerals, non-metallic minerals can efficiently enhance the efficiency of the system, as the powder equipment manufacturers, Clirik feldspar vertical roller mill field of grinding popular, advanced equipment drying, grinding, grading, fusion of several major characteristics of the pulverized coal conveying, more is to speed up large-scale coal pulverizing preferred feldspar.

The feldspar is an important non-metallic mineral raw materials, it is widely used in industry, feldspar can be used as a white pigment can also be used in chemical industry, paper making, textile, packing, in the production of glass which can act as a fluxing agent and increase the brightness of the glass. But it is mainly used as a weighting agent in the drilling industry and the extraction of barium. It also has the absorption properties of X rays, made by feldspar cement, mortar and barium feldspar concrete, used to replace the metal plate shielding protection of nuclear reactors and building of scientific research, X - ray room of the hospital.

feldspar vertical roller mill

The processing of feldspar cannot do without high quality milling equipment, as powder equipment manufacturers, Clirik based on the market to produce feldspar powder, vertical milling machine professional scale milling feldspar further meet the demand, is an effective solution to the ordinary grinding machine with low yield, high energy consumption and advanced equipment for powder bottleneck.

Clirik feldspar vertical roller mill production capacity according to the change, a corresponding increase in the number of grinding roller, meet different processing needs, is the preferred equipment for pulverizing feldspar scale, mainly by the host, feeder, classifier, blower, pipeline device, storage hopper, electric control system, collection system etc., are widely used in the field of feldspar grinding.