Finest Feldspar Powder Making Machine in Shanghai


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As we all know, the feldspar stone is one of a hard to process stone materials, so compare with other stone materials, just like, calcium carbonate, calcite, gypsum and so on. If you want to process feldspar powder, is more diffcult. So choose one suitable feldspar powder making machine for feldspar grinding mill is very important. We recommend you use feldspar grinding mill.

Compare with other type of grinding mills, the part of feldspar is more hard, so the service life of feldspar grinding mill is 2 or 5 times longer than other grinding mills. If you want to process the hard stone materials, choose feldspar grinding mill is also very useful.

 feldspar grinding mill

The feldspar grinding mill also has a high efficient, take an example, the finish powder fineness made by feldspar grinding mill can be adjusted between 300 mesh to 3000 mesh. However, it’s very hard to find the powder grinding mill which could process stone powder more than 2500 mesh.

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