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Compare with other stone, the feldspar is one of hard to grind raw materials. There are not very large number stone powder making machine could process feldspar powder. So for many feldspar powder making factory, it’s very hard to find a feldspar grinding mill to process both good quality and large quantity feldspar powder.

feldspar grinding mill

Shanghai Clirik Machinery is one of a professional mining equipment manufacturers who is good at feldspar grinding mill manufacturing. Our feldspar grinding mill is not just can be used in dealing with the feldspar powder grinding, it also can be used in dolomite, limestone, calcium carbonate, calcite, carbon black, gypsum, and other more than 200 kinds of stone materials grinding.

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And it’s worth to be said that the feldspar grinding mill have a widely feldspar powder grinding range, what’s that mean? The finish powder fineness made by our feldspar grinding mill can be adjusted between 300 mesh to 2500 mesh, and according to your different choice of feldspar powder fineness, the final capacity of the feldspar grinding mill can be adjusted 0.5 to 45 tons per hour.

feldspar grinding mill

Are you interested in our feldspar grinding mill? If you are, welcome to leave your buy inquiry on our “contact us” web page. Our sales manager would contact you in the first time. And if you have any doubt about our feldspar grinding mill, we also can supply the service of “technical engineer reply”. No matter what question about our feldspar grinding mill you asking, they will give you an answer.