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Feldspar is one of hard raw materials, and compare with other ore materials, it’s more hard to grind into powder. However, today, I want to share two types of feldspar grinding plant for you, and they will bring convenient for you, they are feldspar grinding mill and feldspar Raymond mill.

Feldspar Grinding Mill

feldspar grinding mill

The feldspar grinding mill is usually be called feldspar ultra fine powder grinding mill or micro feldspar powder grinding mill. It’s usually be used in 300 mesh to 3000 mesh superfine feldspar powder grinding. There are many grinding roller in the feldspar grinding mill, and every grinding rollers will have 3 or 4 grinding rings, through the ring and ring press continuously. The feldspar will become the feldspar powder.

Feldspar Raymond Mill

feldspar Raymond mill

Compare with feldspar grinding mill, the feldspar Raymond mill was invented more earlier. Since 1890s, the feldspar Raymond mill had be used in feldspar and other stone materials grinding. With the development of social technology, today’s feldspar Raymond mill can be used in more than 200 kinds of different stone materials, and the capacity can up to 20 tons per hour.

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