Which Kind of Grinding Mill Should be Used in Feldspar Powder Processing?


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There are many types of stone powder grinding machines can be used in feldspar powder grinding. However, which one is the most suitable powder grinding mill can be used in feldspar powder processing? I will give you some advances.

1. Feldspar Raymond Mill
Compare with other stone powder grinding mill, feldspar Raymond mill has a longer develop history. So use feldspar Raymond mill to process feldspar powder is a better choice than use common feldspar grinding mill. The finish powder fineness made by feldspar Raymond mill can up to 500 mesh.

2. Feldspar Ball Mill
Because of the high efficiency of ball mill, use ball mill to process feldspar powder also be a good choice by lots of feldspar powder making manufacturer. Compare with other feldspar powder grinding machines, feldspar ball mill have a very large capacity, the maximum output of feldspar ball mill can up to 300 tons per hour.

3. Feldspar Vertical Roller Mill
Feldspar vertical roller mill is one of the new technology feldspar powder making machine on the marker. And in recent years, more and more people are like to choose feldspar vertical roller mill to process feldspar powder. Because, the feldspar vertical roller mill is both high efficiency and energy saving.

Choose one suitable feldspar powder grinding machine, could make your work half, but get more. So, if you have other question about our feldspar powder making, welcome to leave your message on our website, we will give you an good answer. Thanks for your reading.