Configuration Scheme for Processing 200 Mesh Feldspar Raymond Mill


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At present, there are a lot of customers had call and ask us which kind of mining equipment is more suitable for 200 mesh feldspar powder making. Feldspar, is a relatively hard non-metallic mineral, Use Raymond mill to process feldspar powder, efficient processing of 50-500 to high quality feldspar powder, feldspar powder in the field, Clirik has rich experience in R & D and manufacturing, feldspar Raymond Mill manufacturing covers a number of patented technologies, there is a great breakthrough capacity and energy consumption, is the ideal equipment for processing high quality feldspar powder 200 mesh.

feldspar Raymond mill

Feldspar powder has a wide range of uses. With the progress of science and technology, the application prospect of feldspar powder is more and more broad. At present, mainly for the production of aluminium flux of cryolite raw material metallurgical industry, chemical industry, hydrogen fluoride acid, the fluoride salt and refrigerant Freon raw materials, building materials industry as decorative materials, secondly used in light industry, optics, carving and defense industry. With the continuous development of feldspar market value, as a professional for Raymond mill pulverizing process of feldspar processing is in progress and development, only in accordance with the market demand to make the adjustment of products and technology upgrade mining equipment, to the advantage in the powder market change rapidly in order to successfully seize more opportunities to inject fresh vitality into the enterprise the development.

feldspar Raymond mill

As the professional feldspar Raymond mill manufacturer, Clirik has a keen ability to capture the market, as well as a struggle with the heart, according to the demand of feldspar milling industry, accelerate structural adjustment of mill products, the introduction of advanced learning and grinding technology, successfully developed the Raymond mill used in Feldspar processing, the mill successfully seize more the market is not only because the equipment is a new equipment upgrades are based on traditional grinding machine, but also in the more traditional mill capacity superscript high 30-40%, low consumption of energy is more than 40%, pushing the feldspar powder to improve the market competitiveness of the necessary equipment.